Our story

Since 1947 I Santi has been famous as an outstanding brand of fine Italian leathergoods.

The company was founded in 1947 by Amato Santi a young leather producer from Milan. These are the difficult years after the World War II, but Amato thanks to his passion and talent begin to produce leather manufactures of fine quality. In the 60’s I Santi opened its first concept store in Milan’s Linate Airports: at that time it was the symbo of the economic boom, where the journey was synonym for work and those who understook demanded product enshrines elegance, exclusivity and undisputed quality. Consolidating its presence in major international airports, the rise business was realized with a real expasion in the 80’s exporting the phenomenon “Made in Italy” from North America to Middle East. Today as yesterday the brand I Santi remain faithfull to a made in Italy production with a special focus on design and material research from the best Italian tannery. Our main aim for the future is continuing to create quality accessories beyond temporay fashion, evergreen valuables recognizable for its style and elegance.